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What is Tom Coleman’s Height?

Tom Coleman’s height is 178 centimeters.

What Is Tom Coleman’s Weight?

Tom Coleman weighs 88kg.

Where is Tom Coleman from?

Tom Coleman is from England.

Tom Coleman Date of Birth?

Tom Coleman was born on November 2, 1986.

How Old Is Tom Coleman?

Tom Coleman is 36 years old.

Tom Coleman Biography and Life

Born and raised in the heart of Essex, England, Tom Coleman has always had a passion for fitness. Even as a child, he kept fit by playing rugby at school. But in 2002, at the age of 16, Tom suffered a serious leg injury in the middle of a game of rugby. He had to quit the sport he loved throughout his childhood. Although Tom was shattered by the news that he couldn’t sustain his passion, the future WBFF Pro still had a strong desire to keep himself in shape. He needed to find a new sport. In 2003, a year after being injured, Tom was back on his feet and ready to get in shape. At this point, he decided to train in the gym. He admired the fitness models looking down from the posters. Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom focused on shaping his dream physique.

After graduating from college in 2007, at age 21, Tom started his own roofing business. This has become her main focus, but her passion for achieving her ideal body has never left her. Along with his busy schedule as a construction worker, Tom’s passion for fitness meant that he always found time to continue his intense training at the gym. He was more determined than ever to make a name for himself in both the fitness and construction industries. Tom had started building a shredded body 8 years after starting his fitness journey. At this point, he turned his attention to competition and entered his first show, the 2011 Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships. After placing in 1st place, he managed to walk away with the trophy, but decided to return to his life as a worker. Over the next three years, Tom worked hard to grow his business.

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Tom secretly hungrily, meticulously continued training to step back onto the stage. It didn’t take long until she surrendered her desire and entered the 2014 Miami Pro Championship as a muscle model. Three years away from competition allowed Tom to have a better physique, and all his hard work paid off. While he didn’t win, he landed a very respectable 2nd place. But it was just getting started.

That same year, the 2014 WBFF World Championship entered Las Vegas. This time, she took home the trophy in the fiercely contested Male Fitness Model category, where competitors like Dominick Nicolai battled for first place. However, Tom achieved something beyond what he was aiming for. By winning his division, he had earned his Pro Card, a professional bodybuilder. Tom decided to make a serious decision after finishing 3rd in his first competition as a professional at the 2015 WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas. Tom returned his Pro Card to WBFF in 2016.

“Life is a journey, not a destination. I want to be judged on my physique and stage performance, along with other amateurs I know are of a very high standard. For me, it’s all about enjoying competing, making friends, and being able to get back to your experiences in the industry.

The fitness industry should help people achieve their goals and I don’t need a title to tell people who I am”

Tom then decided to make his comeback as an amateur in 2016 and entered the Pure Elite Championships. He showcased his professional experience while taking the overall title as well as ranking #1 in the Men’s Sports and Model section. Tom Coleman has 1.5 million followers on Instagram under the username tomocoleman.

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2011 Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, 1st.

2014 Miami Pro Championships, Muscle Model, 2.

2014 WBFF World Championships Las Vegas, Male Fitness Model, 1st (Pro Card)

2015 WBFF World Championships Las Vegas, Pro Male Fitness Model, 3.

2016 Pure Elite Championships, Mens Fitness and Model, #1 and Overall

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