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What’s Taylor Spadaccino Height?

Taylor Spadaccino is 173 centimeters tall.

What’s Taylor Spadaccino Weight?

Taylor Spadaccino weighs 61kg.

Where’s Taylor Spadaccino from?

Taylor Spadaccino is American.

Taylor Spadaccino Date of Birth

Taylor Spadaccino was born on 1994.

How old is Taylor Spadaccino?

Taylor Spadaccino is 28 years old.

Taylor Spadaccino Biography and life

Originally from the United States, Taylor Spaddacino is a fitness model and IFBB Pro Figure and Bikini Contestant. From an early age, Taylor showed compassion and love for her country. This eventually led him to join the US Marine Corps. She didn’t care about fitness until she served in Afghanistan and discovered that weights made her feel alive and strong. She trained hard every day while serving in a war-torn and hostile country. Taylor remembers not being able to do a single push-up when she started training. However, it didn’t take long for him to improve it. She quickly gained strength and muscle. Fitness soon became something Taylor couldn’t live without.

After returning from service, Taylor focused on training and diet to further improve her physique. After months of hard work, she started to pay off. Finally, Taylor decided to test her advanced physique on the fitness scene. She took part in her first bodybuilding competitions in December 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Over the years she has competed, she has won a number of victories, including the 2016 NPC Junior National Championship, which saw her break into the IFBB Pro circuit. The discipline and hard work Taylor developed over her years of service at the USMC has also carried over into her fitness lifestyle. She has since helped her progress towards success in modeling and physics competitions. Taylor Spadaccino has 755k followers on Instagram with the username taylor_spadaccino.

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Taylor Spadaccino Contests and Awards Won


NPC Team Universe, Bikini Class E, 5th place

NPC National Championship, Bikini Class E, 7th place


NPC Universe Championships, Bikini Class E, 16th place


2015 NPC Greater NY, Figure Novice and Figure B Class, 1st Place


NPC Young Citizens, Figure Class F, 1st Place


IFBB Europa Orlando, Figure Class, 12th place

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