Kali Burns


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What is Kali Burns Height?

Kali Burns’ height is 173 centimeters.

What is Kali Burns Weight?

Kali Burns weighs 63kg.

Where is Kali Burns from?

Kali Burns is from Australia.

Kali Burns Date of Birth

Kali Burns was born on October 3, 1996.

How Old Is Kali Burns?

Kali Burns is 26 years old.

Kali Burns Biography and Life

Growing up near a beach, Kali Burns enjoyed swimming and playing in the sea as a child. Seeing this, his parents encouraged him to participate in group swimming activities. As she got older, Kali’s love of the sea and swimming grew stronger, which led her to later obtain a surf lifesaving license. She also began taking dance lessons at the age of five; “I started dancing when I was 5 too, but when I was younger I realized that this is what I wanted to do in my life.” Eventually, Kali had to choose between surfing and dancing as her main hobby. Ultimately, she chose dance. Over the years, Kali has become an outstanding dancer. But that wasn’t all he knew – he also had a fit and lean physique due to constant physical activity. That’s why Kali was inspired to start training at the gym in addition to her dance classes. In just a few months of training, Kali’s body became even more fit. What started as a side hobby soon became Kali’s main passion in life.

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As Kali’s progress in the gym improved, so did her passion for fitness. Eventually, Kali decided to leave the dance behind and shift her full focus to building a career in fitness. This is the first thought of becoming a personal trainer ‘transferred’ to Kali’s mind. What began as a humble beginning with fitness and gym classes soon turned into a full-time career for Kali. With months of dedication and hard work, he has made a name for himself as a training coach in the fitness industry. After gaining her reputation through social media, she also became popular on the internet. There is so much to see and hear from Kali with her growing influence – she will be sure to continue to inspire her fans for years to come. Kali Burns has 1.1m followers on Instagram with the username kaliburns.

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