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What’s Kai Greene Height?

Kai Greene’s height is 173 centimeters.

What’s Kai Greene Weight?

Kai Greene weighs 140kg.

Where is Kai Greene from?

Kai Greene is American.

When Is Kai Greene Born?

Kai Greene was born on July 12, 1975.

How Old Is Kai Greene?

Kai Greene is 47 years old.

Kai Greene Mr. Olympia, Kai Greene Biography and Life

He is an American professional bodybuilder. He was born in 1975 in Brooklyn, New York. He had a very difficult childhood. He started to live in child welfare institutions from the age of 6. When he was in the 7th grade, his teacher began to take a close interest in Kai Greene’s problems, and he helped him get through these difficult processes. Kai Greene noticed his predisposition to bodybuilding at a young age. He started bodybuilding in order to both escape from the difficulties of his life and add a new meaning to his life. Since his genetics are predisposed to this sport, he built a good body in a very short time and participated in competitions. Later, Kai, who continued his success, rose to the second place in Mr. Olympia. He is one of the most colorful contestants of Mr.Olympia. It is very loved by the audience. One of the main reasons for this is the movements he makes on the podium during the competition. You see, he is climbing the wall upside down, and then he is doing interesting dance moves and dancing. He shows the audience and jury members that despite his huge size, he has a very aesthetic body and has a very good balance control. Let’s come to the body measurements of this giant man. Kai Greene has a height of 1.73 cm and a body weight ranging from 116-120. In addition, his arms are 56 cm, his legs are 85 cm and his chest is 148 cm.

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Two men come out of this man. The numbers have reached astronomical figures. It is quite difficult to even come close to these measurements, let alone catching them. This is numerical proof of how suitable Kai’s genetics are for this sport. Kai Greene has 6.7m followers on Instagram with the username kaigreene.

Kai Greene Contest History, Contests Won by Kai Greene and Awards

1994 NGA American Nationals

1996 WNBF Pro Natural Worlds – 1.

1997 NPC Team Universe Championships – 2nd.

1998 NPC Team Universe Championships – 3rd.

1999 World Amateur Championships – 6.

1999 NPC Team Universe Championships – 1.

2005 New York Pro – 14th.

2006 Superman Pro – 20.

2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic – 14th.

2007 New York Pro – 6th.

2007 Keystone Pro Classic – 3.

2007 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic – 1.

2008 New York Pro – 1.

2008 Arnold Classic – 3.

2009 Australian Pro Grand Prix – 1.

2009 Arnold Classic – 1.

2009 Olympia – 4.

2010 Arnold Classic – 1.

2010 Australian Pro Grand Prix – 1.

2010 Olympia – 7.

2011 New York Pro – 1.

2011 Olympia – 3.

2011 Sheru Classic – 3.

2012 Olympia – 2.

2012 Sheru Classic – 2.

2013 Olympia – 2.

2013 Arnold Classic Europe – 2.

2013 EVL’s Prague Pro – 1.

2014 Olympia – 2.

2016 Arnold Classic – 1.

2016 Arnold Classic Australia – 1.

2016 Arnold Classic Brazil – 1.

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