Jeremy Potvin


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What Is Jeremy Potvin Height?

Jeremy Potvin’s height is 168 centimeters.

What Is Jeremy Potvin Weight?

Jeremy Potvin weighs 85kg.

Where is Jeremy Potvin From?

Jeremy Potvin is American.

When Is Jeremy Potvin Born?

Jeremy Potvin was born on July 21, 1989.

How Old Is Jeremy Potvin?

Jeremy Potvin is 33 years old.

Jeremy Potvin Biography and Life

He is an IFBB Male Physique competitor with a Jeremy Potvin Pro Card. Jeremy Potvin was a patriot like his father and grandfather from an early age. Because of his love for America, he decided to join the US Army and serve as a soldier in Iraq. He had never been interested in bodybuilding until he served in Iraq. He realized his passion for bodybuilding in Iraq. After returning home from Iraq, Jeremy Potvin began to focus more on training and diet to improve his body. His body began to change dramatically with years of dedication and hard work. Jeremy Potvin decided to compete. He placed 3rd in the Olympia Men’s Physique category in 2016. Jeremy Potvin admitted that it was very difficult to keep up during his competition due to the mental struggle and fatigue that comes with constant competition and diet, but the discipline and courage he developed over the years in Iraq really helped him stay on track. And the first Mr. She got that bronze medal at her Olympia. “My motivation comes from my desire to constantly improve myself. There is no compromise for me because I believe there is always something that can be improved. I also find motivation from those around me, my family, my friends and all my supporters”. Jeremy Potvin has 1.2m followers on Instagram with the username jeremypotvin_.

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