Fit Brownie Recipe


Here we are again with a perfect brownie recipe. You will both stay fit and find a cure for your sweet crises. As for the taste, I could swear it’s a recipe you’ll eat your fingers through. When you examine the materials, you will say whether this is fit, but since the households will want to eat, we have increased the quantities. If you are going to do it as a single person, you can reduce the amounts. Let’s start.


2.5 bananas
5 tablespoons of tahini
5 tablespoons of molasses
1 egg
3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour
1 pack of cocoa 30 grams
1 teaspoon baking powder


First, we take our bowl and break our egg into it. Then mix it well and set it aside. Mash our bananas with the help of a fork on a cutting board or in a flat bowl. We add the mashed bananas into our eggs. Then we add 5 tablespoons of tahini and molasses and mix well until they are well identified with each other. Add 3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour, 1 packet of cocoa (30 grams) and 1 teaspoon of baking powder to this mixture and mix well. We pour our mixture into the baking tray in which we have laid greaseproof paper. We bake it for 12-13 minutes at 170 degrees in the oven that we have already opened for 5 minutes and our brownie is ready. Bon Appetit.

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