Deadlift Things to pay attention

Take care to keep your back straight, the risk of injury is reduced.
Your head should always be upright, be careful not to put the load on your neck.
Looking at the ground distracts you and you lose your balance.
If you are just starting out, do it with light weights, otherwise you may get injured.
If you are working at very heavy weights, you can also wear a weight belt.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The deadlift movement works your front leg muscles and hind leg muscles effectively.

Deadlift How To

Your knees should be against the bar.
Your hips should be out and your back should be straight.
If the palm of one of your hands is facing you, the other should face forward, allowing you to grasp the bar more easily.
Your shoulders should be straight and your head should always be facing forward.
Slowly raise the bar by rubbing it against your knees, and when you reach the final point, tighten your hips completely.

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