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What is the Uzoma Obilor Height?

Uzoma Obilor is 168 centimeters tall.

What is the Uzoma Obilor Weight?

Uzoma Obilor weighs 85kg.

Where is Uzoma Obilor from?

Uzoma Obilor is American.

Uzoma Obilor Date of Birth

Uzoma Obilor was born in 1996.

How Old Is Uzoma Obilor?

Uzoma Obilor is 26 years old.

Uzoma Obilor Biography and Life

Half-American, half-Nigerian, Uzoma Obilor hasn’t always been as interested in sports as he is today. Born in Missouri but later moved to Las Vegas, he was a passionate fan of video games. However, after growing up, Uzoma learned about fitness. This is where things start to change. After discovering Uzoma weight training, his main goal was to gain a sixpack. However, after starting wrestling and American football in high school, Uzoma’s interest in weights grew. He’s now worked on muscle size and strength and is passionate about pushing his limits in the gym.

After high school, Uzoma’s days in the sport came to an end, but her passion for weightlifting continued. This is where he decided to pursue fitness and his career in bodybuilding. He continued to train hard every day to achieve this goal. After months of working hard on his physique, Uzoma decided it was time to step into the Male Physique shows. While Uzoma loved to compete, she found her physique to be too big for the Male Physique class. Luckily, the Classical Physics division was introduced during this period and Uzoma jumped in without hesitation. With a strong work ethic and impressive physique, Uzoma quickly became a sensation among bodybuilders. In 2017, Uzoma’s success peaked when she won the IFBB Pro Card. He was only 21 at the time.

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As her name grew among the bodybuilder ranks, so did Uzoma’s popularity on social media. Before long, there was an influx of followers on her social media profiles. This gave Uzoma the idea to work for a whole new purpose. She was now working hard to share her passion with others and help them achieve their fitness goals. This has remained his mission to this day. Uzoma Obilor has become a globally recognized name. Uzoma Obilor has 926k followers on Instagram with the username uzoma_obilor.

Competitions and Awards Won by Uzoma Obilor


NPC USA Championship, Men’s Physique Class A, 13th place


NPC USA Championship, Men’s Physique Class A, 15th place


NPC USA Championship, Men’s Classic Physics Class A, 3rd place

NPC National Championship, Men’s Classical Physique Class A, 2nd place

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