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What’s Hannibal Lanham Height?

Hannibal Lanham is 173 centimeters tall.

What’s Hannibal Lanham Weight?

Hannibal Lanham weighs 83kg.

Where’s Hannibal Lanham from?

Hannibal Lanham is American.

Hannibal Lanham Birthday?

Hannibal Lanham was born in 1978.

How old is Hannibal Lanham?

Hannibal Lanham is 44 years old.

What is Hannibal for King’s Real Name?

Hannibal for King is his real name, Hannibal Lanham.

Hannibal Lanham Biography and life

Hannibal’s childhood was not easy. Hannibal Lanham recalls that his father was in prison for an unknown reason. He only had his grandmother to raise him, and according to Hannibal, he did everything in his power to save him from his father’s fate. During this time, Hannibal found exercise to be a great way to escape from the outside world and let go of all the stress and negativity. He started by doing basic moves like push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups, but eventually developed a passion for exercise and began finding new, creative ways to exercise, mainly doing street workouts. Lanham was also part of a street training team that called themselves “Bartendaz,” and they often trained together and performed various calisthenics moves in front of crowds. Hannibal continued training for several years and developed a passion for fitness as he became more well-known from people in his field. He was a 29-year-old father at the time and was living in a homeless shelter, and he thought that was how he would live the rest of his life.

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But one day, while his friend was filming him, a friend persuaded him to go and try various calisthenics moves. Lanham agreed and they went outside to shoot the video. Shortly after the video was posted online, to Hannibal’s surprise, it went viral and it wasn’t long before the American calisthenics expert gained worldwide recognition. Hannibal has since become an internet phenomenon, with an ever-growing fan base of avid fitness enthusiasts. According to many, Lanham changed their lives with his videos and inspired them to start changing their bodies and lifestyles. Hannibal has also started the clothing business thanks to his respected followers, and he is constantly inspiring new people to join the gymnastics movement. Hannibal Lanham has 197k followers on Instagram with the username hannibalforking1.

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