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Fraser Wilson Height What?

Fraser Wilson’s height is 175 centimeters.

Fraser Wilson What Weight?

Fraser Wilson weighs 73kg.

Where is Fraser Wilson from?

Fraser Wilson is from Australia.

Fraser Wilson Date of Birth

Fraser Wilson was born on November 12, 1996.

How Old Is Fraser Wilson?

Fraser Wilson is 26 years old.

Fraser Wilson Biography and Life

Fraser Wilson started bodybuilding at the age of 17 as an insecure boy. Fraser Wilson says that she takes off all her stress in the gym and it feels like meditation to her. He felt refreshed when he left the gym. His love of fitness grew in that gym. He set up social media accounts and started sharing content to share his passion with the world. He gained sponsors thanks to social media and the developments he showed in his body. Millions of people started following his workouts on Instagram and Youtube. He says that listening to the success stories of his followers and watching their progress is a great source of motivation for him. Fraser Wilson gives paid personal trainings to help more people develop. Fraser Wilson says that training is more about mental health than physical appearance, and this is more important than physical results. Fraser Wilson has 1.8m followers on Instagram with the username fraserwilsonfit.

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