Urs Kalecinski


What is The Height of Urs Kalecinski?

Urs Kalecinski’s height is 175 centimeters.

What is The Weight of Urs Kalecinski?

Urs Kalecinski weighs 95 kg.

Where is Urs Kalecinski from?

Urs Kalecinski is from Germany.

Urs Kalecinski Date of Birth ?

Urs Kalecinski was born on April 30, 1998.

How Old Is Urs Kalecinski?

Urs Kalecinski is 24 years old.

Urs Kalecinski Biography and Life

Kalecinski’s father was a weightlifter. In his youth, he was actively engaged in break dancing, and at the age of 16 he began weight training. A year later, Urs Kalecinski entered his first youth bodybuilding competition. He is 175 cm tall and competes in the Classic Physics category, which was first introduced in bodybuilding in 2016. He managed to get the Pro Card at the age of 21 in 2019 and has been part of the IFBB Pro League ever since. He has been working with his coach Stefan Kienzl (Austria) since 2020. He then won the first IFBB Pro Show in Tampa in 2021. That same year Mr. He got him to join the Olympia. The 23-year-old finished fourth here, behind Chris Bumstead, Terrence Ruffin and Breon Ansley. Invited to the Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2022. Twice Mr. He finished 3rd place, one place ahead of Olympia Champion Breon Ansley.

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