Smoked Turkey Recipe


Since Corona started, people have not been able to barbecue as they wanted. We wanted to propose a solution to this. In this post, we wanted to show you how to make barbecue-like meat at home. We used low-calorie, high-protein turkey meat in this recipe. Of course, you can apply the same processes to the meat you want. Let’s get started with our recipe.


Turkey breast
Black pepper
Red powdered pepper


First, we place our baking wire on the baking tray. We take our turkey breast in a bowl and mix it well with our spices. Then we put our turkey breast in the middle of the oven wire. We put 1 glass of water. We bake for about 3 hours in the oven we have set to 120 degrees. Then we put the woods in a pot and put the steaming apparatus. We cut our breast meat into slices and attach it to the apparatus. We light our stove and begin to smoke. You can use our smoked turkey meat in salads, canapes and sandwiches.

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