Savannah Prez


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What is the Savannah Prez Height?

Savannah Prez is 160 centimeters tall.

What is the Savannah Prez Weight?

Savannah Prez weighs 59kg.

Where Is Savannah Prez From?

Savannah Prez is Belgian.

Savannah Prez Date of Birth

Savannah Prez was born on May 16, 1996.

How Old Is Savannah Prez?

Savannah Prez is 26 years old.

Savannah Prez Biography and Life

Born in Sint-Eloois-Winkel, Belgium, Savannah Prez was very active even as a child. She played basketball for several different teams during her high school years. However, she didn’t like fixed training days and times. She wanted a sport where she could decide the hours. After leaving basketball behind, she tried some dance lessons but couldn’t find the right rhythm to keep going. He needed another way to exercise.

It didn’t take long for Savannah to find herself at the gym, and she soon fell in love with getting fit. Savannah loved being in control of her training times and also building her body the way she wanted. She initially started training 2-3 times a week, just cardio training to stay fit. But she wasn’t seeing any improvement in her physique. Savannah entered the world of bodybuilding only when she befriended athletes in the gym. Her new friends taught her how to feed and lift weights, she said. Savannah had finally found her passion for sports.

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Savannah became increasingly fascinated during the first few months of her training. She started following fitness models on social media, she wanted to be a contestant herself. The Bikini Athlete of the future was already on her way to sculpting an incredible physique. Motivated by her progress, she decided to take her game to the next level and hire a personal trainer. Under the guidance of a professional coach, Savannah began to make serious progress and realized her passion for improving her dream physique through intense training. She was ready for the stage when she was 19 years old. After months of preparation, she finally decided to enter the 2014 Belgian Championships. Even though she didn’t win, she came in second.

After tasting the stage, Savannah was more determined than ever to win her first contest. She advanced her experience after entering the 2014 Flex Cup as a Bikini Athlete. Two years after she started her journey at age 20, Savannah’s hard work has finally paid off. She left the 2015 Juliette Bergman Cup with the trophy, but it was just getting started. She continued her victory more successfully at the 2015 Open Rotterdam Championship, where she won the General category and took home the trophy and placed 1st. She became known for her early successes.

It didn’t take long for Savannah to gain a lot of followers on social media. With his physique, he had become an internet phenomenon admired worldwide. Driven by the encouragement of his fans, he increased his training intensity and set his sights on bigger competitions. She wanted to inspire others with her hard work. In 2016, Savannah entered her biggest show in May called the IFBB European Championship Junior Bikini. She is the youngest in the competition and failed to qualify as a college student. Savannah Prez has 915k followers on Instagram.

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Savannah Prez Wins Competitions and Awards

2 November 2014 Belgian Championship

2014 Flex Cup Bikini, 3rd Place

2015 Juliette Bergmann Cup, 1.

2015 Open Rotterdam Championship Bikini, 1st and Overall

2016 IFBB European Championship Junior Bikini May, NP

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