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What’s Ross Dickerson Height?

Ross Dickerson is 186 centimeters tall.

What’s Ross Dickerson Weight?

Ross Dickerson weighs 93kg.

Where’s Ross Dickerson from?

Ross Dickerson is from England.

When’s Ross Dickerson Birthday?

Ross Dickerson was born on June 15, 1989.

How old is Ross Dickerson?

Ross Dickerson is 33 years old.

Ross Dickerson Biography and life

Born in London, England in June 1989, Ross Dickerson spent the first four years of his life living in the city before moving to the United States. Ross spent most of his early years in both San Francisco and Houston. He and his family were always on the go, and his lifestyle was fast-paced and ever-changing. This left young Ross a chance to find his way or figure out which direction he needed to take in life. Maintaining a reliable routine was a struggle, making it difficult for him to find a purpose.

In 2002, Ross’ mother found a job in the UK. At just 13, Dickerson cut all personal ties, changed schools, and got his life back on track. This time he had to go to another country, not another city.

Back in England, Ross was no longer living in London, as he had when he was a child, but in Cornwall, a small seaside town in the southwestern part of the country. It was here that his lifestyle changed dramatically; it was no longer moving. His life finally came to a standstill. His life was boring day by day. Ross had a job and was still struggling to find his passion. This lasted until a few years later, when his family decided to move to London one last time.

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In 2009, 19-year-old Ross found himself in a situation he had been in many times before. He had just arrived in London, lost and alone. But this time he had a different attitude. He had tasted the banality of a boring lifestyle.

If Cornwall showed him anything, it wasn’t cut out for the average life. He wanted to make connections and build an exciting and successful life for himself. He was already in a great place, now all he needed was to be someone big.

He joined a gym to start improving himself. Ross’ mother had bought him some Personal Training sessions in the past. He liked it back then, but never had a clear schedule to fully commit to it. Ross thought now that he could, he could use it better, settle into London life and build a strong circle of friends, but it was much more than that.

After a few weeks of forcing himself to train, Dickerson realized that the gym was more than just a hobby – it was a way of life. Now that he knew that London would be his future home – he saw this as an opportunity to learn what he was truly capable of.

Ross worked hard at the gym and took advice from anyone he could get. He watched, asked, and analyzed the other men in the gym. He wanted to know why they looked better than him and how he could reach their level.

Knowing that fitness would be her life goal, Ross worked hard and became a tennis coach. The combination of being on the field and in the gym pushed her body to its limits. He became known for his strong physique.

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Just 4 years after starting training, Ross had decided to take part in the 2013 BodyPower Expo. He had managed to find a sponsor for the event and was shocked to realize that companies wanted to use his physique to promote their brands. He hadn’t realized he was at this level. Up until that point, Ross was in the gym and training mainly for self-improvement, but that was all about to change.

As a tennis coach, Ross knew beforehand that he loved helping others. Therefore, he thought the next step was to not only help people playing tennis, but also help people with their physical appearance.

Having set up several social media accounts, Dickerson has started to make a name for himself in all kinds of ways to help others. Not only did she share motivational shots and fitness tips in every post, Ross made it his own.

For free, Ross would take fitness questions from his followers and answer them to the fullest extent of his knowledge. He was known to write complete, tailored training and diet plans for anyone who wanted to. This was a ticket to boost his reputation and get better in the industry.

After Ross made a name for himself, he thought his next step was to compete. After qualifying for the European Championships at the WBFF, Dickerson received his professional card and won his first competition. It was a great start, but Ross wanted more than winning competitions. Ross wanted to transform himself into a brand with his new credibility and loyalty to wellness. Using his name, he launched his own website and YouTube channel full of content for all fitness levels. He continues to inspire those who want to start the industry and is even considering opening his own gym in the future. Ross Dickerson has 2.6m followers on Instagram with the username dickersonross.

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Ross Dickerson Contests and Awards

WBFF European Championship 2013 Men’s Fitness Model 1st Place

WBFF PRO European Championship 2014 Men’s Fitness Model 2nd Place

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