Pumpkin Soup Recipe


The recipe we will give you will be from pumpkin again, but of course there are reasons for this. It has high nutritional value and low in calories. We prepare and drink it with love. We wanted to share the recipe for you to benefit as well. Let’s move on to the schedule now.


a head of garlic
A few sprigs of rosemary
3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
half finger ginger
2 ice cube sized bone broths
1 glass of milk
Black pepper
enough water


First, we cut our pumpkin in half and carefully remove the seeds inside. We cut a head of garlic in half and circulate it well all over the pumpkin. Pour olive oil into the pumpkin and mix it well with our hands. We put our rosemary and garlic in the zucchini. Season it with salt and pepper and put it in the oven. We keep it in the oven at 180-200 degrees until it is well cooked. We take the cooked pumpkin out of the oven and separate it from its shell. We roughly chop our onion and ginger, separate the cooked garlic from its shell and throw it into a saucepan. Add salt and pepper and fry a little in oil. We add pumpkin puree, enough water and 1 glass of milk to them and boil it on low heat for 15-20 minutes. After closing the bottom, we add our bone broth and pass it through the blender. This is how our soup is prepared. You can drink with pleasure.

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