Pumpkin Salad Recipe


I seem to hear those who say that a pumpkin salad can be made. I can say that you are in the right place to clear these questions in your mind. Of course, anything goes from a pumpkin. Salad is also amazing. Moreover, it is rich in fiber and very low in calories. In this way, it also fits your diet. I think everyone should give it a try and try this recipe at home. Let’s start our recipe slowly.


Strained Yogurt


The first thing we need to do is cut the pumpkin in half. After dividing them in half, we will cut them into slices and peel them off. We reduce the slices to the sizes to be grated. Since we will determine the size of our salad, you can grate as much as you want. When we grate, there will be absolutely no boiling phase. We will put some water in the pan and fry it. How much you want to roast is also up to you. I left it slightly toothed. After frying, we put it in our mixing bowl. We add our yogurt and tahini and mix well. The amount of tahini depends on the amount of zucchini you grate. You can add walnuts to your salad if you want. You can consume it as a nice appetizer. Bon Appetit.

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