Paola Macias


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What’s the height of Paola Macias?

Paola Macias is 158s centimeters tall.

What’s Paola Macias Weight?

Paola Macias weighs 55kg.

Where’s Paola Macias from?

Paola Macias is Colombian.

Paola Macias Birthday

Paola Macias was born in history.

How old is Paola Macias?

Paola Macias is old.

Paola Macias alias

Paola Macias, aka Paola Macias, “Palita”

Paola Macias Biography and life

Paola Macias is a bikini athlete and fitness model from Medellín, Colombia. She is a hardworking individual who spends hours in the gym and kitchen following a strict fitness routine to maintain her great physique. With curvy legs, hips and an aesthetic upper body, Paola is an inspiration to anyone who follows her. His dedication to fitness shows what it takes to build a truly great body. Paola regularly competes in bikini competitions in Colombia and is also a sponsored model with an impressive portfolio. Be sure to pay attention to Paola Macias as there will be a lot to come from her in the future. Paola Macias has 990k followers on Instagram with the palitaoficial username and 133k followers with the palitafit_model username.

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