Onome Egger


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What’s the Onome Egger Height?

Onome Egger is 188 centimeters long.

What’s Onome Egger Weight?

Onome Egger weighs 105kg.

Where’s Onome Egger from?

Onome Egger is Austrian.

Onome Egger Date of Birth

Onome Egger was born on July 24, 1996.

How old is Onome Egger?

Onome Egger is 26 years old.

Onome Egger Biography and life

Born in 1996, Onome Egger started lifting weights at the age of 16. Onome, a half-Austrian and half-Nigerian bodybuilder from a small town in Austria, said he started lifting weights because he played a lot of American football at the time. He knew that if he started weight training, he could increase his strength and speed.

He weighed just 72kg when he first started, but soon realized that his genetics had pushed him into a full-time bodybuilding life. Onome gained more recognition for her incredible transformation after a friend told her to post videos showing her amazing physique. She started sharing her videos on her social media accounts. Onome Egger has 731k followers on Instagram with the username onome_egger.

Onome wanted to represent the natural physique and avoid steroid use. Says Onome, “I want to avoid big and hormonal looks. Bodybuilding for me is based on classical physics.”

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