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What’s Alex Crockford Height?

Alex Crockford is 175 inches tall.

What’s Alex Crockford Weight?

Alex Crockford weighs 77kg

Where’s Alex Crockford from?

Alex Crockford is from England.

Alex Crockford Birthday

Alex Crockford was born on June 15, 1990.

How old is Alex Crockford

Alex Crockford is 32 years old.

Alex Crockford Biography and life

Born and raised in England, Alex Crockford has always been an avid athlete. He played a variety of sports in school and was always looking for ways to excel and push his limits. His love for physical activity inevitably led him to dive into the world of fitness. Eventually, Alex turned his focus to fitness and weight training. Being a personal trainer was one of his aspirations. By working hard, he managed to reach his goal in 2011. He earned a degree in personal coaching and fitness. He went on to find work as a personal trainer at a corporate gym. Here he learned the basics of how to be a good coach. As Alex gained experience, she realized that fitness was her only true passion. Therefore, he made a breakthrough and started his own business as a coach. As she continued to post photos and videos of herself on social media, Alex’s followers grew and so did her passion for reaching and helping more people. With his lean and fit physique, Alex represented what most of his followers wanted to achieve. A healthy body, a strong work ethic, and a dream job. He has inspired many people through his example and is now a renowned personal trainer and one of the UK’s leading fitness models. Alex Crockford has 433k followers on Instagram with the username alexcrockford.

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