Fatih Karaca (Yarbay Strength)


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Height: 193cm

Weight: 150kg

Country: Turkey

Date of Birth: 1995

Other Name: Yarbay Strength

Fatih Karaca, also known as Yarbay Strength, is interested in Strength athletics. Fatih Karaca, who has been involved in this sport for 6 years, says that the last 3 years have been more serious. He states that he always wanted to deal with this sport. When he competed as the youngest and only Turkish athlete in an international competition held in Alanya for the first time, his commitment to this sport increased and he decided to continue on his path with greater ambition by saying “this is the sport I have to do”. Fatih Karaca attributes his development to not being injured easily, smart programming and continuity, to staying in the game all the time. Fatih Karaca has 13600 followers on Instagram and 8 thousand subscribers on YouTube under the username yarbaystrength.

Größe und Gewicht

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