Maria Paulette


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What is Maria Paulette Height?

Maria Paulette’s height is 158 centimeters.

What is Maria Paulette Weight?

Maria Paulette weighs 55kg.

Where is Maria Paulette from?

Maria Paulette is from Spain.

Maria Paulette Date of Birth

Maria Paulette was born on October 12, 1979.

Maria Paulette Recognized on Instagram

Maria Paulette is known on Instagram as lapaulettefitness.

Maria Paulette Biography and Life

Maria Paulette has always been successful in sports and academia since her childhood. Of all the sports and activities Maria tried, dance was her favourite. After practicing dance for a few years, she decided to turn it into her profession. “I received the necessary diplomas in different dance disciplines and dedicated myself to it”. – Maria Paulette

Although she initially spent a lot of time as a dancer, things changed after Maria enrolled in college. With more responsibilities on his hands, he had less and less time to practice dance. Over time, this caused him to lose his passion for the activity. Over time, Maria began to look for other ways to stay active without devoting much of her time to it. This was when he stumbled upon fitness. After joining a gym she encouraged her to delve deeper into the fitness world. Maria became addicted to working out at the gym after seeing results with her physical appearance, strength, and overall performance. And within a few years she became a contestant.

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She became an IFBB Bikini Pro athlete by winning the Pro Card in 2014. She has continued to grow over the years and now competes in top-notch fitness shows. With her formidable ambitions and hunger for success, Maria continues to make a splash in the fitness and bikini competition industry. Maria Paulette has 332k followers on Instagram with the username lapaulettefitness.

Maria Paulette Competitions and Awards


Spanish Absolute Champion, Under 160cm fitness bikini category, wins Pro Card


Miami Muscle Beach Pro, IFBB Bikini, 13.

Fort Lauderdale Cup, Bikini Class, 12.

Puerto Rico Pro, IFBB Bikini, 11.

Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, IFBB Bikini, 6.


San Marino Pro, IFBB Bikini, 7.

Veronica Gallego, IFBB Bikini, 16.

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