Lazar Angelov


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What is Lazar Angelov’s Height?

Lazar Angelov’s height is 180 centimeters.

What is Lazar Angelov’s Weight?

Lazar Angelov weighs 88kg.

Where is Lazar Angelov from?

Lazar Angelov is from Bulgaria.

Lazar Angelov Date of Birth

Lazar Angelov was born on September 22, 1984.

How Old Is Lazar Angelov?

Lazar Angelov is 38 years old.

Lazar Angelov Biography and Life

Lazar’s inspiration to be fit and strong came from watching many action movies, he grew up wanting to imitate his heroes in movies. Later, he started basketball and weight training. There were two sessions of basketball practice, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Weight training would be in the middle of the day. Lazarus didn’t know anything about nutrition at the time, he actually passed out several times. Lazar Angelov then went to the army for a year. He lost his form after his service. This is the moment Angelov made the decision to get serious about strength training and bodybuilding. “Because fitness is my second passion behind basketball, I decided to put all my effort into it, and that was the turning point for me.” “I can say that I have gone through some very difficult times in my life, but I have gone through them all and I am ready to overcome anything life throws at me. Life for me is like a bench press – if I don’t push the weight, it falls on me. That’s why I have to overcome every challenge life presents to me and move forward. “ It was difficult when he first started. He worked two jobs as a personal trainer during the day and a security guard at night.

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They didn’t pay well, but she continued to push and focus on her goals to create her perfect physique. He admits it’s hard work and long periods with little or no rest, just work, work, but as we can see, his hard work has paid off. “It was tough because I didn’t get enough rest, but it was worth it. When you really, truly want something, nothing can stop you from achieving it. “ “As an ectomorph, I was naturally pretty lean and also did a lot of aerobic exercise during the day so I wasn’t gaining muscle mass at that time.” Lazar has risen to the top of his game and has faced many difficult situations. It’s not easy to get a body like Lazar Angelov’s and gain a worldwide reputation. Recognized worldwide for having one of the best bodies in the industry. Not only that, Lazar has become a successful trainer helping others achieve their goals through online personal training. Lazar Angelov has 5.7m followers on Instagram with the username lazar_angelov_official.

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