Berkay Türkkan


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Height: 187cm

Weight: 100kg

Country: Turkey

Date of Birth: August 22, 1992

Full Name: Berkay Fahrettin Türkkan

Berkay Fahrettin Türkkan was born on August 22, 1992 in Istanbul. He is an athlete who stands out with his very aesthetic physique. He graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian High School and Istanbul Technical University, which are very high quality schools in Turkey. Sports has taken an important place in Berkay Türkkan’s life since his childhood. He swam in Fenerbahçe Sports Club for two years. He played licensed football for 4 years in primary and secondary school. He has been interested in basketball as an amateur since high school. His fitness adventure started in August 2011 with the encouragement of his primary school friend. Berkay Türkkan, who was enrolled in a gym near his home, has been continuing his sports life uninterruptedly since then. 2014 was an important turning point in Berkay Türkkan’s life. Men’s Fitness Fit-model won 1st place. He took part in 5 different issues of Men’s Fitness (March, April, June, December, February) with the training programs he prepared. Currently, Berkay Türkkan Fitness provides distance education services within the company with its distance education mobile application. There are many startups in the fitness industry. He has 108 thousand followers on Instagram and 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube under the username turkkanberkay.

Training and Certifications:

Turkish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Arm Wrestling Federation 2nd Level Trainer (2015)

Expert Genetic Trainer (2017)

International Fitness Nutrition Specialist (2020)

International Sports Nutrition Specialist (2020)

Genetic Trainer (2015)

GFHC Academy Personal Coach (2015)

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GFHC Academy Nutrition Technician (2015)

GFHC Academy Supplementist (2015)

GFHC Academy Fundamentals of Weight Training (2015)

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