Lauren Simpson


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What is Lauren Simpson Height?

Lauren Simpson’s height is 170 centimeters.

What is Lauren Simpson Weight?

Lauren Simpson weighs 61kg.

Where is Lauren Simpson from?

Lauren Simpson is from Australia.

Lauren Simpson Date of Birth

Lauren Simpson was born on September 29, 1990.

How Old Is Lauren Simpson?

Lauren Simpson is 32 years old.

Lauren Simpson Biography and Life

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Lauren Simpson was always very sporty as a child. She regularly appeared on her school’s netball, touch football and track and field teams and enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport.

After graduating from college, she got her first job as an HR Coordinator at a financial consultancy firm at the age of 20. Over the next 4 years, Lauren realized she was stuck in a boring corporate environment, so she started training at the gym. Lauren fell in love with sports but she didn’t know how to get the most out of her education. She had no knowledge of nutrition or bodybuilding, she was only doing cardio training and she was eating about 1000 calories a day. It’s a dangerous strategy, but Lauren was desperate to get in shape.

Although she had the right motivation and instinct to achieve her dream goal of sculpting her physique, Lauren’s diet and ignorance were disappointing. She wasn’t eating enough to nourish her body, and after she was severely weakened, she started to worry. She was in turmoil, both physically and mentally. But that wasn’t all. He also missed a lot of social events and his relationship with his friends and family deteriorated.

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Lauren knew she had to change her ways to get her life back in order. At the age of 24, towards the end of 2014, she finally took her first steps towards recovery and began researching different personal trainers to help her overcome her problems. This would be a major turning point in his life, starting his journey in the fitness industry.

It didn’t take long for Lauren to hire a coach and learn to eat right. She started eating a balanced diet and lifting weights. She was finally taking shape, forming a line towards her ideal shape. Lauren, who made serious progress in the gym under the guidance of her personal trainer, not only managed to reach a healthy weight, but also had a very aesthetic physique. But she’s not finished yet.

Proud of her transformation, she started posting pictures of her journey on her Instagram profile. Lauren’s uploads went viral and suddenly became an internet sensation. Impressed by all the encouragement she received from her followers, Lauren stepped up her training to develop an even better body. She became aware of fitness competitions through social media and began researching them, gaining a newfound respect for competitors. After admiring the profiles of Bikini Athletes like Paige Hathaway and Michelle Lewin, she soon found herself stage-hungry.

After months of intense preparation, Lauren was finally ready for her debut, the INBA Southern Cross Championship in April 2015. She walked away with the award as well as the overall title. She said all her hard work paid off. But this was just the beginning. That same month, Lauren placed #1 at the 2015 INBA Sydney Super Bodies show and won the overall title. However, that wasn’t the only success of the night. She had won the She pro Card.

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At the age of 25, 2 years after starting her journey, she had made her dream of becoming a professional Bikini Athlete come true. Lauren’s success in her first few competitions only made her hungry for more. Four months after her victory at the INBA Sydney Super Bodies, she entered her first show professionally – WBFF Fitness and Fashion Gold Coast. Despite not continuing her streak, she was still placed in the top 3 in Bikini Diva Tall, which was fiercely contested by the likes of Rachel Dillon. Lauren Simpson has 2 million followers on Instagram under the username laurensimpson.

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