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What is Kate Taylor’s Height?

Kate Taylor’s height is 158 centimeters.

What is Kate Taylor’s Weight?

Kate Taylor weighs 60kg.

Where is Kate Taylor from?

Kate Taylor is from England.

Kate Taylor Date of Birth

Kate Taylor was born on September 30, 1997.

How Old Is Kate Taylor?

Kate Taylor is 25 years old.

Kate Taylor Full Name

Kate Taylor’s full name is Abigail Kate Taylor.

Kate Taylor Is Known On Instagram

Kate Taylor is known as taylorkayteee on Instagram.

Kate Taylor Biography and Life

Kate Taylor is a fitness model and biochemistry student from Worcestershire, England. Ever since Kate posted her first photo on social media, she has become famous for her curvy physique and hips. While Kate now has a physique that many people admire, she wasn’t always in good health. Before starting her fitness journey, Kate didn’t like the way she looked or felt. Using her new goal as a motivation, Kate embarked on a fitness journey. After years of trial and error, research, and learning from other people at the gym, Kate had the perfect physique. From there, Kate has progressed further in her career to become a well-known fitness model and social media personality. He now uses his physique to inspire people around the world to start their own fitness transformation. Kate Taylor has 230K subscribers on YouTube. Kate Taylor has 1m followers on Instagram with the username taylorkayteee.

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