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Jacqueline Petzak

What is Jacqueline Petzak’s Height?

Jacqueline Petzak’s height is 172 centimeters.

What is Jacqueline Petzak’s Weight?

Jacqueline Petzak weighs 54kg.

Where is Jacqueline Petzak from?

Jacqueline Petzak is American.

Jacqueline Petzak Date of Birth

Jacqueline Petzak was born on June 28, 1985.

How Old Is Jacqueline Petzak?

Jacqueline Petzak is 37 years old.

Jacqueline Petzak Biography and Life

Jacqueline Petzak, aka Miss Petzak, is a well-known fitness and social media personality from Las Vegas, USA. She became popular for her curvy body, which now inspires women around the world to lift weights and eat healthy.

It goes without saying that Jacqueline’s extraordinary figure is the result of years of hard work. Throughout high school, Jacqueline was an avid athlete. Her sporty nature eventually led her to discover fitness and she hasn’t looked back since.

Jacqueline Petzak is now a sponsored athlete, internet star, and inspiration for generations of fitness enthusiasts. Jacqueline Petzak has 1.8 million followers on Instagram under the username misspetzak.

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