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What is Evgeniya Mosienko’s Height?

Evgeniya Mosienko’s height is 165 centimeters.

What is Evgeniya Mosienko’s Weight?

Evgeniya Mosienko weights 58kg.

Where is Evgeniya Mosienko from?

Evgeniya Mosienko is Ukrainian.

Evgeniya Mosienko Date of Birth

Evgeniya Mosienko was born on April 1, 1994.

How Old Is Evgeniya Mosienko?

Evgeniya Mosienko is 28 years old.

Evgeniya Mosienko Known For On Instagram

Evgeniya Mosienko, known on Instagram, is Jenny Mosienko, jenny.m.official.

Evgeniya Mosienko Also Known As

Evgeniya Mosienko’s other name is Jenny Hanna.

Evgeniya Mosienko Biography and Life

Jenny Hanna AKA Evgeniya Mosienko is a well-known fitness icon, bikini competitor and social media star from Ukraine. He likes to lift heavy, eat clean and work hard. There are tons of videos and workout pictures online that show how passionate Jenny is about her fitness lifestyle. When Evgeniya started training, she fell in love with the feeling of exercising and seeing the results in the mirror. With each passing year, his physique began to improve. His rock-hard body and curvy abs are what motivates him to continue on the path to success. Not only does she motivate herself every day, winning her small but constant battles, but also motivating fans from all over the world who want to emulate her gorgeous physique. Some of her favorite workouts are cardio, which helps her stay lean and fit all year. When it comes to dieting as well as heavy weight training that shapes her strong body, Evgeniya knows that abs are built in the kitchen, not just in the gym. His approach to education and diet is part of his daily life. He prepares all his meals in advance.Evgeniya Mosienko has 1.4m followers on Instagram with the username jenny.m.official.

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