Fardo Popal


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What’s Fardo Popal Height?

Fardo Popal is 168 centimeters long.

What’s Fardo Popal Weight?

Fardo Popal weighs 83kg.

Where’s Fardo Popal from?

Fardo is a Popal Dutch

Fardo Popal Birth Date

Fardo Popal was born on January 25.

How old is Fardo Popal?

Fardo is Popal.

Fardo Popal Biography and Life

In his early years, Fardo Popal was underweight and many thought he was malnourished. His weakness didn’t bother him at first, but as the years went by and he started getting more and more negative comments from the people around him, he soon got angry and started looking for ways to get bigger. He soon realized that going to the gym was the best way to get what he wanted. Fardo initially weighed 168cm tall and 65kg, but as the years passed and his knowledge of nutrition and diet improved, he began to rapidly change his body and became attached to his new lifestyle. According to Popal, he managed to gain 15 pounds of pure muscle in just two years. During this time, Fardo graduated as a sports coach and earned a degree in physical therapy in 2013. Since the beginning of his journey from lean to muscular, Fardo has become a rising star in the fitness industry with growing popularity. She continues to inspire people every day and offers educational advice to people who want to transform their lives. Fardo Popal has 223k followers on Instagram with the username fardopopal.

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