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What’s David Laid Height?

David Laid’s height is 188 centimeters.

What’s David Laid Weight?

David Laid weighs 90kg.

Where is David Laid from?

David Laid is from Estonia.

When Is David Laid’s Birthday?

David Laid was born on January 20, 1998.

How Old Is David Laid?

David Laid is 24 years old.

David Laid Biography and Life

David Laid was born in a place that was not under any sign of air.  He lost his father when he was two. A few years later, he moved to America with his mother. His interest in sports at a young age led him to fitness. He took the first step in a small gym by reading various videos and articles. He then trained heavily, eating regularly.

From Tragedy to Victory

David spent the first part of his childhood in Estonia with his parents and two siblings. His father tragically died after falling from the cruise ship. His interest in sports led him to investigate. He weighed 200 pounds when he was 14. As a result, he was bullied. He said the problem with his spine would return to normal because his muscle groups would be strengthened by it. He said he had to lift weights for that. David, who was quite reluctant in the first place, showed after training that he was resistant to pain.

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David Laid became a fitness developer from an early age thanks to his sport. She is also a 21-year-old Estonian fitness model and entrepreneur. He first uploaded numerous videos to his personal YouTube channel in 2013. In a short time, the audience has expanded considerably. He also showed that he is a good actor in videos. He turned different content into entertaining videos. He succeeded in coming to the fore with his duties in various fields. The motivation to create a channel, especially in content sharing, was quite high.

It caused him to start the gym because of an issue with his spine. This led to David’s therapeutic effects of exercise. He decided to shoot videos about how the body develops and how to achieve success, receiving positive comments from the society.

Currently, laid is at the forefront of the fitness industry’s most beloved teens among women and teens.

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