Chul Soon Hwang


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What’s Chul Soon Hwang Height?

Chul Soon Hwang’s height is 178 centimeters.

What’s Chul Soon Hwang Weight?

Chul Soon Hwang weighs 102kg.

Where is Chul Soon Hwang from?

Chul Soon Hwang is Korean.

When is Chul Soon Hwang’s Birth Date?

Chul Soon Hwang was born on September 1, 1983.

How Old Is Chul Soon Hwang?

Chul Soon Hwang is 39 years old.

Chul Soon Hwang Biography and Life

Chul Soon Hwang started sports at the age of 20 to gain respect from the people around her and to improve her weak body. Although Chul Soon Hwang followed the wrong path at first, she realized this and started the right program and diet. Three years later, he saw an incredible change and fragmentation in his body. Continuing his way as a trainer in gyms in Seoul, Chul Soon Hwang later embarked on a new path by competing in bodybuilding shows in 2009. Chul Soon Hwang placed 2nd at the 2009 Musclemania World Championships. From that point on, he started racing regularly. Chul Soon Hwang won the 2010 Musclemania World at the Fitness America Weekend competition with her perfect and impressive physique at the end of 2010. Since then, he has never fallen behind and has improved his career day by day. Chul Soon Hwang is also known as ‘Asian Pride’ or ‘Asian Arnold’. Chul Soon Hwang has 1.6m followers on Instagram with the username chul_soon.

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