Chocolate Banana Toast Recipe


When you crave dessert, you can easily and have fun prepare yourself a super sweet toast at home. You will be full, energetic, and meet your sweet needs. Anyone can easily prepare it. There’s no need to join in. Let’s start.


2 slices of whole wheat bread
2 squares of dark chocolate


First, we take a pan as big as the bread slices can fit in our pan. We melt our butter in a pan. We put our bread slices in the pan and fry them on one side. After making sure that they are fried, we take our bread slices aside. Finely chop 2 squares of dark chocolate with the help of a knife. We take our banana and slice it thinly. Of course, we will not use the whole banana. We take our bread slice and sprinkle with the dark chocolate that we have chopped. Then we put our banana slices on the dark chocolate. We cover the 2nd slice of bread on it and put it in the toaster. We cook our dark chocolate until it melts and it is ready to be eaten. Bon Appetit.

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