Chicken Wrap Recipe


Again, we are here with a recipe that you can always crave. You can easily prepare and eat with pleasure. I am sure it will be a practical and delicious wrap recipe. You can reduce and increase the materials as much as the number of people and your own food. You don’t have to use chicken in it, you can use whatever you want. Let’s move on to the recipe.


soy sauce


We used chicken legs while preparing the recipe. You can use any side or any meat you want. It’s up to you. We chop our chicken small. We can find our chicken with the spices you want, or you can buy it from the butcher with ready-made spices. After chopping our chicken into small pieces, I cooked it on the grill. The way of cooking is also up to you. After cooking, we put our chickens flat in the middle of the lavash. We cut our peppers and onions into small pieces and saut√© them in a pan with soy sauce. We add this mixture to the chickens we put in the lavash. Finally, we cut 2-3 pieces of cheddar slices and arrange them on the mixture in the lavash. We roll our lavash and start heating it in the toaster. We heat our cheddar until it melts and our wrap is ready. Bon Appetit.

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