Allison Stokke


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What is Allison Stokke’s Height?

Allison Stokke’s height is 170 centimeters.

What Is Allison Stokke’s Weight?

Allison Stokke weighs 58kg.

Where is Allison Stokke from?

Allison Stokke is American.

Allison Stokke Date of Birth

Allison Stokke was born on March 22, 1989.

How Old Is Allison Stokke?

Allison Stokke is 33 years old.

Allison Stokke Full Name

Allison Stokke full name is Allison Rebecca Stokke, Allison Stokke Fowler.

Allison Stokke Biography and Life

Allison Stoke grew up in a family that promoted sports and physical activity. His older brother was an athlete competing in gymnastics at the national level in his youth. Allison was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD) during her childhood. She is currently undergoing treatment for her condition. While ADD had a negative impact on Allison’s life, it did not prevent her from achieving her goals in the sport. He started pole vaulting in high school and soon became one of America’s top junior jumpers. At age 15, Allison won the 2004 United States title with a record 12 ft and 6 inches (3.81 meters) in the pole vault. The following year, she set a new high school freshman record in America with a 3.86-foot vault. But she didn’t stop there, she. A year later he broke his own record – as a sophomore in high school, he reached an incredible 4.11 meters in the vault. His records were the highest ever achieved by an American of that age, she. Unfortunately, Allison broke her leg in her senior year of high school. Despite this, he managed to win the CIF California State Meeting twice after his rapid recovery. At the end of high school, Allison placed second in the American high school rankings with a pole vault record of 4.14 meters. She also participated in the National Junior Championships in the same year, finishing in eighth place.

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Allison’s rise to fame began in 2007 when someone posted competing photos online. Many people were amazed by Allison’s incredible physique. It soon became an internet phenomenon. Despite her newfound fame, Allison focused on her pole vault career. She competed for the California Golden Bears during college, she. Allison has competed in two Championships in NCAA Division 1 during this time. He received regional-level academic honors and all-American honors, particularly for his outstanding performances at the 2011 NCAA Indoor Championships. After her success in college, Allison set herself an even bigger goal. He tried to make the American Olympic team to compete in the 2012 US Olympic Trials. Unfortunately, despite all his efforts, he did not qualify. Although Allison did not qualify, she continued to compete in the national level pole vault events. He placed eighth at the Chula Vista Meet in 2017 with 4.15 vaults. A year later he improved his result with a 4.27-metre vault. In recent years, Allison has expanded her career to become a sportswear model and fitness influencer. In addition to setting new records in his career as a pole vaulter, he now works with some of the best sports brands in the industry. Allison Stokke has 628k followers on Instagram with the username allisonstokke.

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