What gyms are included in fitness your way?


Are you looking for a flexible gym membership program that allows you to choose from a wide range of fitness centers across the United States? If so, Fitness Your Way might be the perfect fit for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Fitness Your Way program, the gyms included in it, and how you can make the most of this flexible fitness membership to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Understanding Fitness Your Way

Fitness Your Way is a gym membership program offered by health and wellness company Tivity Health. It’s designed to provide individuals with the freedom to choose from a network of participating fitness centers and gyms across the country. This program is ideal for those who value flexibility and want access to various fitness facilities without being tied to a single gym.

The Gyms Included in Fitness Your Way

Fitness Your Way boasts an extensive network of gyms and fitness centers, making it one of the most versatile gym membership programs available. While the specific gyms available may vary by location, here are some of the well-known gym chains commonly included in the program:

1. Anytime Fitness:

  • Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 gym chain known for its convenience and accessibility. Members can access Anytime Fitness locations nationwide through Fitness Your Way.
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2. Snap Fitness:

  • Snap Fitness is another 24/7 gym chain offering a variety of workout equipment and facilities. Many Snap Fitness locations are part of the Fitness Your Way program.

3. Curves:

  • Curves is a women-focused gym with a unique circuit-style workout. Fitness Your Way provides access to select Curves locations.

4. Gold’s Gym:

  • Gold’s Gym is a renowned fitness chain with a wide range of equipment, classes, and amenities. Some Gold’s Gym locations participate in Fitness Your Way.

5. Planet Fitness:

  • Planet Fitness is known for its judgment-free zone and affordable memberships. Some Planet Fitness locations are included in the Fitness Your Way program.

6. YMCA:

  • Many YMCA branches across the country are part of Fitness Your Way, offering diverse fitness programs and community engagement.

7. Local Gyms and Studios:

  • In addition to well-known chains, Fitness Your Way often includes local gyms and fitness studios in its network, providing members with even more choices.

How Fitness Your Way Works

Fitness Your Way offers flexibility in terms of membership options. Here’s how the program typically works:

  1. Membership Enrollment: You can enroll in the Fitness Your Way program through your health plan or employer if they offer it as a benefit.
  2. Membership Activation: Once enrolled, you’ll receive a Fitness Your Way card or key fob, which you can use to access participating gyms.
  3. Gym Selection: Visit the Fitness Your Way website to locate participating gyms near you. You can also use their mobile app for added convenience.
  4. Access and Usage: Simply present your Fitness Your Way card or key fob at the gym’s front desk for entry. You can use the facilities just like any other member.
  5. Monthly Fee: The cost of your Fitness Your Way membership may vary depending on your health plan or employer. Be sure to check the fees associated with your specific program.
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Maximizing Your Fitness Your Way Membership

To make the most of your Fitness Your Way membership, consider the following tips:

  • Explore Your Options: Take advantage of the variety of gyms and fitness centers available to you. Try different locations and find the one that suits your fitness needs best.
  • Utilize the Benefits: Many Fitness Your Way memberships include additional perks like discounts on wellness products and services. Be sure to explore these benefits as well.
  • Set Goals: Define your fitness goals and create a workout routine that aligns with them. Consult with fitness professionals at your chosen gym if needed.
  • Stay Consistent: Consistency is key to achieving your fitness objectives. Create a workout schedule that you can stick to and track your progress along the way.


Fitness Your Way is an excellent option for those seeking flexibility and choice in their gym membership. With a diverse network of gyms and fitness centers across the country, you can tailor your fitness journey to your preferences and goals. Whether you prefer a 24/7 gym, women-focused fitness, or community engagement at the YMCA, Fitness Your Way has you covered. By taking full advantage of this program and its offerings, you can embark on a path to better health and well-being at a gym that suits you best.

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