Soph Allen


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What is Soph Allen Height?

Soph Allen’s height is 160 centimeters.

What Is Soph Allen’s Weight?

Soph Allen weighs 61kg.

Where is Soph Allen from?

Soph Allen is from Australia.

Soph Allen Date of Birth

Soph Allen was born on November 5, 1989.

How Old Is Soph Allen?

Soph Allen is 33 years old.

Soph Allen Biography and Life

Sophie Allen may be an inspiration to others today, but her life wasn’t always healthy. In 2011, Sophie had an operation that should have been minor and routine. However, during the surgery, the doctor inadvertently punctured Sophie’s bowel, which led to complications. Shortly after being released home from the hospital, Sophie developed an infection that nearly killed her during surgery. Here is Sophie describing what happened:

“The infection was bad and if left any longer it would seal my organs and I would die.

We were lucky to catch him. The next month I spent time in the intensive care unit (ICU) going through numerous procedures. I was drip-fed and couldn’t walk, shower, or even breathe properly. It was terrible. “

Before her surgery, Sophie described herself as someone who enjoyed partying and eating unhealthy foods on the weekends. However, after the surgery, his mentality about health completely changed. After months of slow and painful recovery, she was determined to get back to her health and life with exercise and a healthy diet.

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“All I wanted was to feel strong, fit and healthy. I set my sights on being fit and healthy and taking care of myself.”

The path to being fit and healthy was not an easy one for Sophie. As She says: “I went a little fast with my post-surgery weight.” He got very fit initially, but these results were unsustainable. Eventually, Sophie found a fitness regimen that didn’t exhaust her mentally and physically. Instead, it kept him energetic and fueled his passion for weightlifting. Sophie’s passion for fitness continued to grow as she saw improvements in the mirror. And over time she turned that passion into a full-time career. After Sophie opened up her social media profiles, she used her experiences to help others overcome their own barriers to fitness. Gradually, he built a fan community and is now a respected figure and inspiration for people online. Soph Allen has 384k followers on Instagram with the username sopheallen.

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