How to get gym rat badge 2k22?


In the world of NBA 2K22, the Gym Rat badge is a coveted achievement that signifies your player’s dedication to physical fitness and stamina improvement. Earning this badge not only enhances your player’s performance on the virtual court but also allows them to skip the in-game fitness drills and enjoy permanent stamina boosts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps and strategies to help you unlock the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K22.

Understanding the Gym Rat Badge

The Gym Rat badge is a special badge in NBA 2K22 that provides significant benefits to your player. Once earned, it grants:

  • Permanent Stamina Boost: Your player will experience a substantial boost to their stamina, ensuring they can perform at their peak for longer periods during games.
  • No In-Game Drills: You won’t have to engage in the in-game practice drills to improve your player’s attributes or stamina. This frees up more time for actual gameplay.

Steps to Unlock the Gym Rat Badge

Unlocking the Gym Rat badge involves a series of steps that require dedication and consistency throughout your MyCareer journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving this coveted badge:

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1. Create Your Player:

  • Start by creating a player with a build that suits your preferred playing style. Pay attention to attributes like endurance and stamina, as they will play a crucial role in your journey to earning the Gym Rat badge.

2. Choose College or G League:

  • Early in MyCareer mode, you’ll have the option to choose between going to college or directly to the G League. Opt for the college route, as it provides additional opportunities to build up your player’s skills and badges.

3. Participate in Practices:

  • Throughout your career, engage in team practices whenever they are available. These practices allow you to earn additional badge points and attribute points, which are essential for improving your player’s stamina.

4. Max Out Endurance and Stamina:

  • Focus on maximizing your player’s endurance and stamina attributes. This is crucial for meeting the requirements to unlock the Gym Rat badge.

5. Simulate to Playoffs:

  • Continue progressing through your career until you reach the playoffs. This is a significant milestone on your journey to Gym Rat.

6. Win the Championship:

  • To earn the Gym Rat badge, you must win the NBA championship in MyCareer mode. This is a challenging task that requires skill and teamwork, so make sure to choose a team with a strong roster and aim for victory.

7. Complete Playoff Games:

  • After winning the championship, you’ll need to complete a certain number of playoff games in the next season. This varies depending on your in-game decisions and career path.

8. Achieve Maximum Chemistry with Teammates:

  • Maintain positive interactions with your teammates to achieve maximum chemistry. This can help you gain their trust and support, making playoff victories more likely.
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9. Simulate to the Next Season:

  • Once you’ve met the requirements, you can simulate to the next season. This should trigger the Gym Rat badge to unlock.

10. Enjoy the Benefits:

  • After earning the Gym Rat badge, you’ll notice permanent stamina boosts for your player, as well as the ability to skip in-game practice drills.

Tips and Strategies

  • Choose the Right Team: Select a team with a strong roster and a good chance of winning the championship. This increases your chances of reaching the playoffs and securing a championship victory.
  • Focus on Endurance and Stamina: Prioritize improving your player’s endurance and stamina attributes to meet the Gym Rat badge requirements.
  • Engage in Team Practices: Participate in team practices whenever possible to earn badge and attribute points.
  • Maintain Positive Chemistry: Build positive relationships with your teammates to boost chemistry and improve team performance.
  • Practice and Master Gameplay: Continuously work on improving your gameplay skills to contribute to your team’s success.


Unlocking the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K22 is a rewarding achievement that requires dedication, strategic decision-making, and skillful gameplay. By following the steps outlined in this guide and consistently working toward improving your player’s attributes and chemistry with teammates, you can enjoy the benefits of increased stamina and the ability to skip in-game drills, ultimately enhancing your performance on the virtual basketball court.

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