Can you go to any planet fitness with $10 membership?


Planet Fitness is a widely popular gym chain known for its budget-friendly memberships and welcoming atmosphere. One of their most renowned offerings is the $10 membership plan. In this detailed article, we will delve into the specifics of the $10 membership at Planet Fitness, covering what it includes, any potential limitations, and whether it grants access to any Planet Fitness location.

Understanding the $10 Membership

The $10 membership at Planet Fitness is officially known as the “Classic Membership.” It is designed to provide individuals with an affordable option to access the gym’s facilities and equipment. Here’s what you need to know about the Classic Membership:

1. Facility Access:

  • With the $10 Classic Membership, you have access to one specific Planet Fitness location.

2. Unlimited Access:

  • Despite being the budget option, the Classic Membership typically offers unlimited access to the designated Planet Fitness location.

3. Use of Basic Amenities:

  • Members with a Classic Membership can use the gym’s basic amenities, including cardio and strength equipment.

4. Access to Fitness Training:

  • While the $10 membership does not include additional perks like access to the Black Card Spa or tanning, it does grant access to the gym’s free fitness training classes.

Limitations of the $10 Membership

While the Classic Membership provides an economical option for gym-goers, there are certain limitations to be aware of:

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1. Single Location Access:

  • The $10 Classic Membership only grants access to one specific Planet Fitness location. If you wish to use multiple locations, you may need to consider a different membership option.

2. Limited Extra Amenities:

  • The Classic Membership does not include access to some of the premium amenities offered by Planet Fitness, such as tanning, massage chairs, and the Black Card Spa.

3. No Guest Privileges:

  • With the $10 membership, you typically cannot bring a guest for free. If you want this option, you may need to consider upgrading to the Black Card Membership.

Upgrading to the Black Card Membership

For those seeking additional perks, Planet Fitness offers the Black Card Membership, which is slightly more expensive than the Classic Membership. Here are some of the advantages of the Black Card Membership:

  • Access to Any Planet Fitness Location:
    • With the Black Card Membership, you have the flexibility to use any Planet Fitness location across the country.
  • Unlimited Guest Privileges:
    • Black Card members can bring a guest with them for free every time they visit the gym.
  • Access to Premium Amenities:
    • This membership grants access to all of the premium amenities offered by Planet Fitness, including tanning, massage chairs, and the Black Card Spa.


The $10 Classic Membership at Planet Fitness is an excellent budget-friendly option for those looking to access the gym’s facilities at a minimal cost. While it comes with some limitations, it provides ample opportunities for individuals to pursue their fitness goals. However, if you desire additional amenities or the flexibility to use multiple locations, upgrading to the Black Card Membership might be a more suitable option. Always check with your local Planet Fitness for specific details and any potential updates to membership offerings.

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