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What is the Height of Yanita Yancheva?

Yanita Yancheva is 170 centimeters tall.

How Much Does Yanita Yancheva Weigh?

Yanita Yancheva weighs 53kg.

Where is Yanita Yancheva From?

Yanita Yancheva is from Bulgaria.

Yanita Yancheva Date of birth?

Yanita Yancheva was born on February 10, 1987.

How Old is Yanita Yancheva?

Yanita Yancheva is 35 years old.

Biography and Life of Yanita Yancheva

Born on February 10, 1987 in Bulgaria, Yanita Yancheva had a very active childhood. She was interested in swimming, football and tennis. But she wasn’t training at the gym at this point. His focus was graduating from high school and college, aiming to become a lawyer.

While studying her first master’s degree at the Varna University of Economics, Yanita decided to apply for a television program in Bulgaria. His application was successful, and in 2008, at the age of 21, Yanita appeared on national television. She lost 8 kilos throughout the program. He reached the final of the show, but was eliminated. Although she did not win, Yanita became famous at the national level.

After leaving the program, Yanita realized that she liked her slimmer physique. That’s what motivated him to start lifting weights at the gym. Determined to sculpt her dream physique, she began following a well-planned diet and training routine.

Yanita opened social media accounts using her new fame from appearing on the Survivor Bulgaria TV show. She wanted to share her fitness journey with her fans and inspire others to follow their dreams. By 2017, at the age of 30, Yanita had reached an incredible body. She was asked to appear as a fitness model in various magazines and websites, and she became known worldwide for her aesthetic body. Soon, her Instagram photos went viral and Yanita became a social media and fitness icon, gaining an online following.

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