Wioletta Pawluk


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What’s Wioletta Pawluk Height?

Wioletta Pawluk is 170 centimeters long.

What’s Wioletta Pawluk Weight?

Wioletta Pawluk weighs 73kg.

Where’s Wioletta Pawluk from?

Wioletta Pawluk is Polish.

Wioletta Pawluk Birthday

Wioletta Pawluk was born on November 28.

How old is Wioletta Pawluk?

Wioletta is Pawluk.

Wioletta Pawluk Biography and life

Born and raised in Poland, Wioletta Pawluk has always had a passion for fitness. She used to do activities like lifting weights and running on the treadmill in her spare time. However, he had not considered a career in the fitness industry at this point. Instead, he chose to study Architectural Technology at the University, but was unhappy with the path he took. After graduating and earning her Bachelor’s Degree, Wioletta decided to pursue her dream of modeling.

Soon after, Wioletta made a big move from Poland to New York, USA. Determined to be successful, she began contacting multiple modeling agencies to appear in magazines and advertisements. After a few weeks of emailing, Wioletta finally found her way. She was invited to a photo shoot and she started gaining fame with her curvy figure.

In 2013, rapper A$AP received a call from Ferg and invited him to appear in a music video for his song ‘Shabba’. Wioletta soon became the subject of online forums. Although she was starting to make a name for herself as a model, at this point, the mainstream public still didn’t realize who she was.

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After A$AP Ferg’s appearance in the music video, fans around the world started searching the internet for Wioletta. It didn’t take long for them to find her Instagram profile (@Wioletta_Pawluk) and soon gained a large number of followers. By 2016, Wioletta had become a social media phenomenon, posting photos and videos of her daily fitness sessions and life. He shares his fitness journey with countless fans.

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