Who owns gold’s gym?


Gold’s Gym is an iconic fitness brand that has played a significant role in the fitness industry since its inception. Understanding its ownership structure provides insight into its history, development, and present-day operations. In this detailed article, we will delve into the ownership of Gold’s Gym.

The Early Years

Gold’s Gym was founded in 1965 by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California. It quickly gained popularity as a hub for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The gym became renowned for its hardcore training environment and attracted some of the most notable names in bodybuilding, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Changes in Ownership Over Time

1. Joe Gold’s Ownership (1965 – 1970s)

During its early years, Gold’s Gym was solely owned by Joe Gold. His vision for the gym and its influence on the fitness community were instrumental in shaping its legacy.

2. Ken Sprague’s Ownership (1970s – 1980s)

In the late 1970s, Ken Sprague, a renowned bodybuilder and businessman, acquired Gold’s Gym. Under his ownership, the brand continued to grow and expand, solidifying its status as a fitness institution.

3. Pete Grymkowski and Ed Connors (1980s – 1990s)

In the 1980s, Pete Grymkowski and Ed Connors, both prominent figures in bodybuilding, took ownership of Gold’s Gym. They continued to build on the gym’s reputation and expanded its presence, opening new locations across the United States.

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4. The TRT Holdings Era (2004 – 2018)

In 2004, TRT Holdings, a Texas-based private equity firm, acquired Gold’s Gym. This marked a significant shift in ownership, as it transitioned from individual ownership to corporate management. Under TRT Holdings, Gold’s Gym underwent further expansion, both nationally and internationally.

5. RSG Group’s Acquisition (2018 – Present)

In 2018, the RSG Group, a global fitness and lifestyle company, acquired Gold’s Gym from TRT Holdings. This acquisition marked another pivotal moment in Gold’s Gym’s ownership history. RSG Group, with its extensive experience in the fitness industry, has been focused on further developing and modernizing the Gold’s Gym brand.

Current Ownership and Operations

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Gold’s Gym is under the ownership of the RSG Group. The RSG Group is known for its innovative approach to fitness and its commitment to providing high-quality gym experiences.

Gold’s Gym continues to operate as a global fitness brand with numerous locations worldwide. Each gym aims to uphold the legacy of the original Venice Beach location, offering a diverse range of fitness programs and services.


The ownership history of Gold’s Gym reflects its evolution from a small, iconic gym in Venice Beach to a global fitness powerhouse. Each owner has contributed to the brand’s growth and success, shaping it into the widely recognized fitness institution it is today. Under the current ownership of the RSG Group, Gold’s Gym continues to thrive and evolve, serving fitness enthusiasts around the world.

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