When does planet fitness charge monthly?


Planet Fitness, a popular gym chain known for its affordable membership options, operates on a monthly billing cycle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of when and how Planet Fitness charges its members, providing you with valuable insights to manage your fitness expenses effectively.

1. Initial Enrollment Fees:

When you join Planet Fitness, you’ll typically encounter an initial enrollment fee in addition to your first month’s dues. This fee covers administrative costs associated with setting up your membership. It’s a one-time charge that is separate from your monthly membership fee.

2. Monthly Membership Dues:

Planet Fitness employs a monthly billing system for its members. Your membership dues are charged on a recurring basis, usually on the same day each month. The exact date of the monthly charge may vary depending on when you initially signed up.

3. Black Card Membership vs. Classic Membership:

It’s important to note that Planet Fitness offers two main types of memberships: the Black Card Membership and the Classic Membership. The Black Card Membership typically comes with additional perks such as access to all Planet Fitness locations, guest privileges, and use of certain amenities like tanning and massage chairs. Consequently, the monthly fee for a Black Card Membership is slightly higher than that of a Classic Membership.

4. Annual Membership Fee:

In addition to the monthly dues, Planet Fitness members are subject to an annual fee. This fee is charged once a year and is intended to cover the cost of facility maintenance and equipment upgrades. The specific date on which this fee is charged varies from member to member, as it is based on your enrollment date.

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5. Billing Date Variability:

The day on which your monthly membership fee is charged may not always align with the day you initially signed up. Planet Fitness uses a billing cycle system, which means that your monthly charge date is determined by the day of the month you enrolled. For example, if you joined on the 15th, your monthly charge will typically occur on the 15th of each subsequent month.

6. Notifications and Statements:

Planet Fitness typically provides members with advance notice of any impending charges. You may receive an email notification or a statement detailing the upcoming charge, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

7. Updating Payment Information:

It’s important to keep your payment information up-to-date to ensure that your monthly dues are processed smoothly. If there are any changes to your credit card or bank account, be sure to update your information through the Planet Fitness member portal or by contacting their customer service team.

8. Canceling or Freezing Membership:

If you decide to cancel or temporarily freeze your membership, it’s crucial to do so in accordance with Planet Fitness’ policies. Cancelling at the right time can help you avoid any unnecessary charges.

In conclusion, Planet Fitness charges its members on a monthly basis, with additional fees such as the initial enrollment fee and the annual fee. Understanding the specifics of when and how these charges occur empowers you to manage your fitness expenses effectively. Keep in mind the differences between Black Card and Classic Memberships, and be proactive in updating your payment information as needed. By staying informed, you can make the most of your Planet Fitness membership while keeping your finances in check.

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