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What is The Height of Tunahan Guler?

Tunahan Güler’s height is 184 centimeters.

What is The Weight of Tunahan Guler?

Tunahan Güler weighs 100-104 kilograms in preparation for the competition.

Tunahan Guler Date of Birth

Tunahan Guler was born on October 16, 1997.

What is Tunahan Güler’s Arm Size?

Tunahan Güler Handle is 52 centimeters.

What is Tunahan Güler Waist Size?

Tunahan Güler’s waist is 78 centimeters.

What is Tunahan Güler’s Chest Size?

Tunahan Güler’s chest is 136 centimeters.

Tunahan Guler Biography and Life

Tunahan Güler was born on October 16, 1997 in Rize. Tunahan, who spent his youth in Rize, started his sports life with football. He was always involved in sports throughout his childhood. He was directed to bodybuilding with the advice of a person he talked to while playing football, that your body and genetics are very good, I think you should start bodybuilding. He became the center of attention in a short time because the environment he lived in was small. Due to the inadequacy of economic conditions in this sport, Tunahan Güler turned to the subject of sports trainer and improved himself. During these periods, he participated in competitions with limited opportunities, but could not fully reveal his potential. 

In this situation, while he was progressing, he joined the Dubai race with the swiss nutrition company. Despite being in a sick and difficult competitive environment in the Dubai race, together with his teammates Çetin Köroğlu and Furkan Tunç, they conquered the Men’s Physique category and brought 3 Pro Cards to our country. He won the 1st place in the Pro Show held on the evening of the competition day and became one of the Turks who participated in the Olympia years later.

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