Tahini Fit Cake Recipe


It will be a recipe that can meet both your healthy and sweet needs in abundance. You can consume it as a snack. Or it can go well with your tea or coffee. I recommend you try it. You can eat your fingers. Let’s jump right into the schedule.

Tahini Fit Cake Recipe Ingredients

3 eggs
1 teaspoon of tahini
1 cup of molasses
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla
1.5 cups of semi-skimmed milk
Half a cup of raw almonds
dried fruits
Powdered Coconut (optional)
1 teaspoon unsweetened peanut butter (optional)

Tahini Fit Cake Recipe Method

First of all, it would be really good for you to take 2-3 containers with you. Because there is so much to mix up and it would be difficult to collect them all at once. We pour hot water in a bowl and throw our dried fruits into it. We put our flour, baking powder and vanilla in the other bowl and mix well. In the third bowl, we put our tahini, molasses, milk and eggs and mix well until they are completely identified with each other. We chop our dried fruits with the help of a knife. We also add almonds and coconut. We combine all our ingredients in one bowl. We mix our cake mix, which is collected in a single bowl, thoroughly. The fruits you will add to your cake batter depend on your decision, it is up to you whether to add peanut butter or not. We pour the cake mortar we prepared on our baking tray with greaseproof paper and spread it well. We bake it for 30-35 minutes in the oven, which is set at 180 degrees, which we have preheated for 5 minutes, and this great taste is ready. Bon Appetit.

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