Stephanie Rao


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What is Stephanie Rao’s Height?

Stephanie Rao’s height is 165 centimeters.

What is Stephanie Rao’s Weight?

Stephanie Rao weighs 60kg.

Where is Stephanie Rao from?

Stephanie Rao is American.

Stephanie Rao Date of Birth

Stephanie Rao was born on December 1, 1991.

How Old Is Stephanie Rao?

Stephanie Rao is 31 years old.

Stephanie Rao Biography and Life

Stephanie Rao is a fitness model from Miami, Florida. A mix of Italian and Puerto Rican, Stephanie has been involved in modeling since elementary school. She used to look through magazines, dreaming of being on the cover one day. Slowly but surely, her dream came to life, she. She started doing amateur photo shoots with her photographer friends at the age of 17. Her pictures she posted online were spotted by local modeling agencies, and it wasn’t long before Stephanie started modeling for them. One milestone after another, Stephanie soon became one of Miami’s top models. He also became an internet phenomenon thanks to his eye-catching Instagram photos. These days, Stephanie works hard at the gym to keep her physique strong and fit. Stephanie Rao has 1 million followers on Instagram with the username _stephanierao.

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