Shannon Ray


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What’s Shannon Ray Height?

Shannon Ray is 168 centimeters tall.

What’s Shannon Ray Weight?

Shannon Ray weighs 55kg.

Where’s Shannon Ray from?

Shannon Ray is American.

Shannon Ray Date of Birth

Shannon Ray was born August 21, 1964.

How old is Shannon Ray?

Shannon Ray is 58 years old.

Shannon Ray Biography and life

Shannon Ray is a fitness model and internet phenomenon from the United States. She is the mother of Sommer Ray, a fitness superstar known for her gorgeous body.

Although Shannon is in her 50s, she still works hard at the gym. As a former bodybuilding competitor, she has all the knowledge needed to maintain her physique. But above all, Shannon is an ambitious and hardworking individual. His discipline and consistency are the main reasons he stays in incredible shape to this day. With her lifelong passion for bodybuilding and fitness and her gorgeous physique, Shannon stands as proof that age really is just a number.

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