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What is Sadik Hadzovic’s Height?

Sadik Hadzovic’s height is 180 centimeters.

What is Sadik Hadzovic’s Weight?

Sadik Hadzovic weighs 89kg.

Where is Sadik Hadzovic from?

Sadik Hadzovic is from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sadik Hadzovic Date of Birth

Sadik Hadzovic was born on June 8, 1987.

How Old Is Sadik Hadzovic?

Sadik Hadzovic is 35 years old.

Sadik Hadzovic Biography and Life

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sadik Hadzovic had a difficult childhood. His family moved to America as refugees to find a better life. Young Faithful was forced into the unknown. He was raised in New York with a rigid irrational mindset. His family was hardworking and they instilled the same work ethic in Sadik as a child. It was this drive for success and determination that led him to the path of wellness.

From an early age, Sadik found comfort in weight training, using the gym as an outlet for any frustration or bump in his path. He began to realize that every time he exercised, his self-confidence would increase. However, he thought it was impossible to gather his muscles because he was a weak child. Growing up, most of his idols were superheroes and secretly wanted to be like them. Sadik began to be unhappy with his appearance in 2002, when he was 15, his skinny body and lack of muscle began to dampen his confidence. He spent years reading and trying to imitate comic book heroes made him unhappy. Ultimately, he knew he had to make a change and become his own superhero.

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He stepped up his training, doing hundreds of biceps curls and push-ups. He began to work relentlessly to create a superhero body.

“I’ve always envisioned myself with a well-built, superhero-like body, and after looking in the mirror one day, I said NOW TIME”

Over the next few years, Sadik continued to work hard at the gym and slowly progressed towards his goal. But he realized that his efforts at the gym were not working. Determined to emulate her heroes, she took a step back and analyzed where she went wrong. Because she was impatient, she realized she wasn’t paying attention to her diet—forcing her to eat 2,000-calorie meals a day just wasn’t doing the job. Sadik knew that if he wanted to achieve the physique he dreamed of, he had to train himself in nutrition and step up his game. She started seeing some serious results after eating more often with smaller meals and tracking her macros. He was finally on his way to fulfilling his ambition. For the next ten years, he continued to work diligently to strengthen the extra muscles.

At the age of 24, after years of hard work, he had developed a tremendous passion for body and fitness. He was proud of how far he had gone and wanted to see where his journey would take him. He focused on becoming a professional bodybuilder. Moving away from his initial goal of looking like a comic book hero, he aimed to become a professional bodybuilder. It didn’t take long for her to take the stage as a contestant.

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In 2011, he entered his first competition, the NPC Eastern USA Championship. Although he did not win, he stood on the podium and achieved a respectable 3rd place. He came out with valuable experience and met many like-minded athletes. This inspired him to train harder and come back stronger and bigger than before. Sadik was more motivated than ever to succeed in the industry.

After Sadik got a taste of the competition, he was hungry for more. Thanks to intense training, she continued to have an impressive body without ever taking a break from the gym. He earned the nickname “Physique” after being admired for sculpting a muscular body with such a tight waist. He was on his way to building a framework that the golden age of bodybuilding would be proud of.

A year later he entered the 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championship. He took home his first trophy after winning first place. But it was just getting started. He participated in three more shows in the same year and walked away with two wins. He soon became one of the most promising young players in the industry. After finishing second in the Men’s Physics Division at the 2012 NPC Junior USA Championships, he made it into the Junior National Championships. Sadik’s streak continued even though he faced tough competition with the likes of Anton Antipov, who was fighting for gold. Won the 2012 NPC Junior National Champion. It was at this point that Sadik finally realized that he had achieved his goal and made his lifelong dream come true.
Sadik won his Pro Card at the age of 25, realizing his passion to become a professional bodybuilder. Sadik wasted no time in entering more competitions, he wanted to keep his momentum strong. He aimed to carry his success into the professional divisions, and that’s exactly what he did. He placed 2nd in his first professional competition, the 2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro. This was an incredible success for “The Physique”, gaining more and more recognition with every show she entered.
Sadik’s work ethic strengthened his rightful place between bodybuilding and competitive world and he entered 8 more competitions between 2012-2015. At the age of 28, he stood on the podium 7 more times. These competitions include a victory at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival and a Mr. There were several 2nd places in the Olympia competition. It was the result of hard work and patience. After spending her childhood yearning to be like her heroes, she helps others achieve their dreams.

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It was starting to inspire. Since 2015, Sadik has earned a reputation for his kindness, using his free time to advise young athletes online and sharing his passion for fitness. Sadik Hadzovic has 3.4 million followers on Instagram under the username Sadikhadzovic.

Sadik Hadzovic Contests and Awards Won

2011 NPC East USA Championship – 3rd.

2012 NPC Metropolitan Championship – 1.

2012 NPC Metropolitan Championship – 1.

2012 NPC Junior USA Championship Men’s Physics Division – 2nd Class B

2012 NPC Junior National Championship – 1.

2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro – 2nd.

2012 IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic – 2.

2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro – 1st.

2013 IFBB New York Pro – 1st.

2013 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 4th

2014 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro – 1.

2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 2nd.

2015 IFBB Arnold Sports Festival – 1st.

2015 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 2nd.

2016 Olympia Classic Physics – 3.

2017 Olympia Classic Physics – 7.

2019 Arnold Male Physique – 6.

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