Protein Omelet Recipe


Depending on the period in which you will make the omelet, the amount in it may change. Of course, your nutrition program also plays an important role in this recipe. For these reasons, the amounts in the content may vary. Now let me tell you what’s inside.

Protein Omelet Recipe Ingredients

4 eggs
1 teaspoon cocoa
40 grams of oats or riceking
1 scoop of protein powder or 40 grams of curd cheese

Protein Omelet Recipe Method

We break 4 eggs into a bowl. We add our oats or riceking on it. It makes a lot of sense to add 1 teaspoon of cocoa for a better taste. Finally, we add 40 grams of curd cheese on these things, if you do not have 1 scoop of the protein powder you use. We mix the mixture we prepared well so that we will get rid of the lumps. We are heating our pan and you can heat oil so that it does not stick. We pour the mixture we have prepared into our pan. Cook until the bottom is browned. After preparing it this way, you can eat it with pleasure.

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