Pizza Recipe


There is no doubt that it will be a simple pizza recipe that can satisfy your pizza cravings. I highly recommend you try it, let’s talk about the contents and how it is made.

Pizza Recipe Ingredients

Green Pepper
Red Pepper Powder

Pizza Recipe Sauce Ingredients

Pepper Paste

Tomato Paste

Chili Powder

Cheese Thyme

Pizza Recipe Fabrication

First we need to prepare the materials. Finely chop the sausage, green pepper, red pepper and mushroom. Then grate the cheddar cheese. Then we prepare our sauce. We mix our tomato paste, powdered pepper and thyme well. They have to identify with each other. We take our lavash or yufka and spread the sauce we prepared on it. We put the grated cheddar on it. Then we put another layer of lavash or phyllo dough without adding any material on it. We apply the sauce we have prepared again and this time we put the ingredients we have prepared on it in a mixed way. It depends on you how many you want to prepare. We put the pizzas we prepared in the oven and wait until they are cooked. Really easy and good recipe. Bon Appetit

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