Overhead Crunch



Overhead Crunch

Overhead Crunch Things to pay attention

Hold for 1 second at the time of contraction.
Hands should not be directly behind the head, this can put excessive strain on your neck.
Make sure the upper body is off the ground.
You should keep your torso stationary throughout the movement.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
Overhead Crunch is a movement that affects the abdominal muscles.

Overhead Crunch How To

First, lay a mat on the floor and lie flat.
Keep your knees bent and your arms extended back by your head, but not touching the ground will increase your risk of neck injury.
Tighten your abs and focus as you begin to lift your upper body off the ground.
When you realize that your abs are fully contracted and your entire upper body is off the ground, slowly lower yourself to the starting position.
Do as many reps as you set and finish your move.

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