Mosaic Custard Recipe


We came to you with a very nice dessert without sherbet. I am sure you will love this recipe. It will be a low-calorie recipe that will break your sweet cravings. As for the calories, one of them will have around 120 calories. You can easily prepare and eat at home. But ask the household, they may also want to eat. Then you don’t want to be taken from your sweets. Let’s get to the schedule.

Mosaic Custard Recipe Ingredients

3 cups of milk
3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon of starch
1 tablespoon of cocoa
2 tablespoons of honey
Half a pack of vanilla
coconut powder
3-4 squares of dark chocolate

Mosaic Custard Recipe Method

We put a small saucepan on our stove. Put the milk, flour and starch into the pot. Stir this mixture until it boils and thickens. If we don’t mix it, it sticks to the bottom. We separate half of this mixture and add cocoa to the pot and continue mixing. We continue to mix and wait for it to cool. Then we add a spoonful of honey to both mixtures and mix them until they are completely identical. Let’s wet the inside of our cups with water. This is because the mixture we put in it does not stick. Then, let’s put both white and cocoa mixture in each cup respectively. Let’s put them in the refrigerator so that they stay in the shape of the cup and let them stand for 20-30 minutes. Finally, we take our puddings out of the cup and cover them with coconut powder. Optionally, you can add melted dark chocolate to them. Our recipe is that simple. Bon Appetit.

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